Gourmet Popcorn from Van Wyk

Gourmet popcorn is America's fast growing snack food. Eight varieties of true "gourmet" coated popcorn, from the simple cheddar and classic caramel to the "exotic" white fudge with almonds or caramel dark fudge sea salt. Here are the details:
bulletEight Flavors (see brochure) in nine (9) cup tubs.
bulletEach Tub has two Nitrogen Sealed Bags for longer shelf life.
bulletGluten, MSG and trans fat free with GMO free corn.
bullet$12 and $15 retail (fudge varieties are $15) - 4 each.
bulletMade in the USA!
bullet40% profit with no upfront costs!
bulletPacks eight per case, but ships to the piece!
bulletQuick turnaround and free shipping with small minimum order.
bulletBrochures and parent letters provided.

Call or email to get this program running with your group in about a week!

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