Small but Effective Simple Brochures
No prize programs or costly bells and whistles, just quality products at reasonable prices ...
great for all ages from preschool to adult ... perfect for smaller groups.



Under Construction:  Stay Tuned!!

email for sample brochures or more details


Delisheries:  Simple Dry Mix Cookies ... and More


Easy Entertainment:  A Tremendous selection of Easy Entertainment Mixes

Snack Favorites from Pine River - all $6


Greeting Spring from Pine River - all $6



Heritage Candles for Fall/Christmas Season - all $12 Retail!

Journey of Faith Candle Collection -   all $12










Van Wyk Gourmet Popcorn:  2 exciting brochures (year round and summer)

 "Here's Just Some of What You Get with Cedar Creek Fundraising"

No need for add-ons or tags with any of our simple brochures.  These are complete programs with everything your school or group needs included. Cedar Creek Fundraising will provide, at no cost to your organization:


All brochures, three part order forms, prize or order envelopes, etc.  - provided free of charge (restrictions apply)


A parent/seller letter, customized for your group.


Complete written instructions for completion of a successful program.


A detailed report of your sale with product delivery.


Broken items are replaced quickly and free of charge.


Complete tallying of your order.


Product prepacked by both student and class.


The friendly, handshake service you've come to expect from Cedar Creek Fundraising

Please call us today, and we can start working with your school or group to provide a fundraiser that will create maximum dollars with minimum hassles.  We look forward to your call!




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